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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Playlist 24 November 2013

Artist - Track - Album*
*indicates a new record

Frank Fairfield - Kings County Breakdown - Out On The Open West

The Devil Makes Three - Mr. Midnight - I'm A Stranger Here*
Two Man Gentleman Band - Please Don't Water It Down - Two At A Time
Sally Timms - Dreaming Cowboy - Cowboy Sally's Twilight Laments... For Lost Buckaroos

Speedbuggy USA - Somewhere In America - Cowboys & Aliens
Seasick Steve - Self Sufficient Man - Hubcap Music*
Shovels & Rope - Bad As Me - Johnny 99 + Bad As Me
Restavrant - Wild Witch - Yeah, I Carve Cheetahs

Rosie Flores - Drug Store Rock and Roll - Working Girl's Guitar
Deer Tick - Let's All Go To The Bar - Divine Providence
The Flatliners - Bury Me - Dead Language*

The Quakes - I Don't Come From Nowhere - Last Of The Human Beings
Rezurex - Prisoner Of Love - Beyond The Grave
The Peacocks - We've All Seen Better Days - Plea For Peace Vol. 2

The Phenomenauts - Science And Honor - For All Mankind
Public Service Broadcasting - Signal 30 - Inform - Educate - Entertain*
The Dirtbombs - Hey! Cookie - Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-blooey!*
Dog Party - Lost Control - Lost Control
Dune Rats - All You Do - Smile

Those Darlins - Optimist - Blur The Line*
Shonen Knife - Cycling Is Fun - Let's Knife
La Luz - Morning High - It's Alive*
Potty Mouth - Damage - Hell Bent*
Shannon And The Clams - Into A Dream - Dreams In The Rat House

Slow Gherkin - In Only Smoke When I'm Drunk - Death Of A Ska Band: Rarities 1994-2002
the Taxpayers - Lynch Pins - Cold Hearted Town
Shire - Surf Sawn - Penny Candy

Flashlight - Don't Take Me Seriously - Don't Take Me Seriously [Single]*
Ghost Dance - Spazz - Ghost Dance*
Melt-Banana - Candy Gun - Fetch*

Fuzz - Loose Sutures - Fuzz*

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Playlist 17 November 2013

*indicates a new album
Frank Fairfield - Frazier Blues - Out On The Open West
Steep Canyon Rangers - Tell The Ones I Love - Tell The Ones I Love*

The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit - Goodbye My Son - Old Excuses
Bart Budwig - MDLYBGUTBC - Whisky Girl
Brennan Leigh & Noel McKay - Let's Don't Get Married - Before The World Was Made*

The Devil Makes Three - Old Number Seven - The Devil Makes Three
Brent Amaker & The Rodeo - Country Sky - Year Of The Dragon*
Corb Lund - The Gothest Girl I Can - Cabin Fever
John Doe & The Sadies - Stop The World And Let Me Off - Country Club

JWW & The Prospectors - Lone Star Beer - It's High Past Time
Dale Watson & His Lonestars - I Lie When I Drink - El Rancho Azul
Janis Martin - Roll Around Rockin' - The Blanco Sessions

Lucinda Williams - Still I Long For Your Kiss - Car Wheels On A Gravel Road
Kepi Ghoulie - Freaks On Parade - Life Sentence
The Peacocks - Can't Explain - Angel

Shonen Knife - Cookie Day - Happy Hour
The Dirtbombs - Sugar On Top - Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-blooey!*
Dog Party - Gutters - Lost Control
Hunx and His Punx - Born Blonde - Street Punk*

Obits - Taste The Diff - Beds & Bugs*
Streetlight Manifesto - Somewhere In The Between - Somewhere In The Between
GRMLN - Teenage Rhythm - Empire

Man Or Astro-man? - Principles Unknown - Intravenous Television Continuum
Rosie Flores - Surf Demon # 5 - Working Girl's Guitar
La Luz - Damp Face - Damp Face

Those Darlins - Drive - Blur The Line*
Joanna Gruesome - Sugarcrush - Weird Sister*
Kitten Forever - Dirt Nap - Pressure*
Melt Banana - The Hive - Fetch*
His Electro Blue Voice - Sea Bug - Ruthless Sperm*
Fuzz - Earthen Gate - Fuzz*

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Playlist 10 November 2013

*indicates a new record

16 Horsepower - Sinnerman - Folklore
The Devil Makes Three - Chained To The Couch - The Devil Makes Three
Kepi Ghoulie - Let's Go To The Moon - Kepi For Kids
Lucinda Williams - Drunken Angel - Car Wheels On A Gravel Road

The Defibulators - Pay For That Money - Debt'll Get'em*
The Far West - I'll Keep The Bed Warm - The Far West
Matthew Hornell - Crimes - Have It All*
Whiskey & Co. - Tail Lights - Leaving The Nightlife

Paladino - Ode To Misery - Paladino
Slim Cessna's Auto Club - Blindman - Slim Cessna's Auto Club
Toh Kay - Tornado Joe - You By Me: Vol. 1
ONSIND - Here Come The Year Nines - Anesthesiology

Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds - The Rad Lord's Return - Haunted Head
Man Or Astro-man? - Max Q (Nielsen Rating Video Version) - Intravenous Television Continuum
La Luz - It's Alive - It's Alive*
Hank III - If The Shoe Fits - Risin' Outlaw (By Request)
Slow Gherkin - I Only Smoke When I'm Drunk - Death Of A Ska Band: Rarities 1994-2002

Wau Y Los Arrrghs - Todo Lo Voy A Romper - Todo Roto* 
FIDLAR - Blackout Stout - FIDLAR
Los Campesinos! - What Death Leaves Behind - No Blues* 
Dog Party - The World Is Not A Game - Lost Control

Joanna Gruesome - Anti-Parent Cowboy Killers - Weird Sister*
The Smears - The Hurtin' Kind - In The Garage
Kitten Forever - Diamond Ring - Pressure*
The Lillingtons - All I Hear Is Static - Plea For Peace Vol. 2

Wavves - California Goths - Wavves
Ghost Dance - Reptar - Ghost Dance*
Fuzz - Sleigh Ride - Fuzz*
Mike Watt - Bird-In-The-Helmet-Man - Hyphenated-Man

Destruction Unit - Slow Death Sounds - Deep Trip
Melt-Banana - My Missing Link - Fetch
The Ex - Scrub That Scum - Hands Up! You're Free

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Howdylicious Playlist 3 November 2013

Artist - Track - Album
*indicates a new album
Lucinda Williams - Drunken Angel - Car Tires On A Gravel Road
Willie Nelson - No Mas Amor (with Alison Krauss) - To All The Girls...*
Sally Timms - Cry, Cry, Cry - Cowboy Sally's Twilight Laments... For Lost Buckaroos

I See Hawks In L.A. - Oklahoma's Going Dry - Mystery Drug*
Ty Segall - The West - Sleeper*
The Shants - So Strange, These Days - Beautiful Was The Night*

The Grisly Hand - If You Say So - County Singles*
Hank Williams III - Lonesome For You - Risin' Outlaw
Corb Lund - Cows Around - Cabin Fever

Those Darlins - Keep My Skillet Good And Greasy - Those Darlins
Smooth Hound Smith - 30 Days - Smooth Hound Smith*
Matthew Hornell - Relief - Have It All*

Wanda Jackson - I Can't Make My Dreams Understand - Wanda Jackson
Brennan Leigh & Noel McKay - Breaking Up Is Easy - Before The World Was Made*

Beth Lee & The Breakups - One More Time Again - One More Time Again
Dale Watson - Gimmie More Kisses - El Rancho Azul
Rosie Flores - Too Much - Working Girls Guitar

The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit - Goodbye My Son - Old Excuses
Halden Wofford And The Hi-Beams - Superbird - Rocky Mountain Honky Tonk*
Speedbuggy USA - Engine No. 9 - Six Shooter

Irish Brothers - I Will Never Marry - Freedom Is A Lonely Thing
Shadow League - Fall Where You Do - Ghosts In Our Sails
David Franck Keller - Sinnerman - Sick Old World*

They Might Be Giants w/Moon Hooch, Rio Theater, Santa Cruz

They Might Be Giants with Moon Hooch

Sunday October 27th at The Rio Theater, Santa Cruz

I was up in the Bay Area/Central Coast area for sad reasons I won't bore you with.
Some of my friends happened to be going to the mind-blowingly not sold out They Might Be Giants show in Santa Cruz, so I tagged along.

We got there a little late, but with plenty of time to have our brains deconstructed and reconfigured by Moon Hooch. Seriously, contra bass clarinet and various saxamaphones blasted through time-based effects fighting it out in front of a drummer…
Moon Hooch create infectiously dance-able electro-tinged crazyness. I was not prepared, but it was awesome. They're apparently from NYC and used to play together on the streets. They have the chops to prove it. They were gonna call themselves Moon Juice but too many bands were calling themselves that already so they let the juice ferment into Moon Hooch.

They Might Be Giants were fantastic, blasting our brains with classics like "Dr. Worm" and  "Birdhouse In Your Soul", as well as one of their science tunes like "Meet the Elements" and plenty of cuts from their newest record Nanobots.
There was a fun audience participation where the band used a light to bisect the audience and dubbed stage-right the 'people' and stage-left the 'apes'. We then engaged in a chant-off with one half of the band or the other backing us up. I was on side 'people'. We totally won the chant-off. There were no prizes and once it was apparent that the game was over the people and apes bridged the gap and peacefully enjoyed the rest of the set.

I hadn't yet had the pleasure of seeing TMBG. It was quite life-affirming to finally see this group of talented gentlemen do their thing.

Mike Park, Dan P. and Streetlight Manifesto at HOB Hollywood, 24 Oct. 2013

Mike Park, Dan P. and Streetlight Manifesto

Thursday October 24th at The House of Blues, Hollywood

I wouldn’t normally schelp to the Hollywood for a show unless I had to and this time around I had to. My schedule dictated that I be elsewhere when the tour was closer to UCI…

I got to the show with plenty of time to find overpriced parking, pick up my tickets, get various colored tyvek bracelets attached to my wrists, get patted down, and get inside before anyone had taken the stage. I checked out the merch tables and said hi to Dan P., then moved to the floor in anticipation of the start of the show.

The House of Blues likes to bombard their patrons with advertisements before the show and in between sets.

Mike Park eventually took the stage and did a neat-o performance starting with a video he’d made accompanied by himself playing and singing on stage. For those of you who aren’t in the know, Mike Park is the brain behind DIY punk label Asian Man Records. He shared videos about the records he loved in high school and folks got excited when they saw the ones the recognized, i.e. The Specials, Devo, Minor Threat. He played some Skankin’ Pickle tracks like “I’m In Love With A Girl Named Spike” as well as some of his solo stuff. His performance was peppered with storytelling and was mighty entertaining.

After a too-long barrage of ads for HOB duds Dan P. (Dan Potthast) took the stage. Dan P. is an amazing performer. He can engage a crowd with just his guitar and his abundant, enthusiasm. More than once he moved the crowd into a mosh-pit frenzy. He did “Riot”, “Streetlights”, “I’ve Set Sail”, and “Melbourne” as well as others. As listeners of Barbara Bush’s Bathtime Breakdown will attest, I’ve been a fan of Dan for a while now and I’ve played his tracks quite a bit on my show. This was my first time seeing him in a formal performance setting and I was not disappointed.

Streetlight Manifesto have some amazingly rabid fans. I’m talkin’ groups of people drunkenly yell-singing “Point/Counterpoint” BEFORE THE SHOW HAD EVEN STARTED.
Streetlight came fast out of the gate and played tons of rockin’ tracks. We were treated to selections from Everything Goes Numb, Somewhere In The Between, The Hands That Thieve, and even some selections from the memebers side project Bandits of The Acoustic Revolution. The show was intense. There were so many people on the floor that a proper Southern California circle-pit never materialized. Instead there was just a nebulous area where people could move more freely than those scrunched at the edges. I left the show bruised, bloodied, and soaked with the sweat of hundreds of ska-punk lovin’ fools. And I do mean soaked. Toward the end of the show I remarked to another attendee that our fingers had gone pruny, as though we’d been in a bath too long.

A good time was had by all in attendance.

Playlist 3 November 2013 **Fund Drive!**

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Artist - Track - Album
*Indicates a new album
Steep Canyon Rangers - Tell The Ones I Love - Tell The Ones I Love*
Ty Segall - The West - Sleeper*
The Defibulators - Holy Roller - Debt'll Get'em*

The Geraldine Fibbers - Folks Like Me - Butch
Brent Amaker And The Rodeo - Country Sky - Year Of The Dragon*
Restavrant - Yeah, I Carve Cheetahs - Year Of The Dragon*

Nekromantix - Gargoyles Over Copenhagen - Return Of The Loving Dead
Rezurex - Everyday Is Halloween - Beyond The Grave

The Two Man Gentleman Band - Prescription Drugs
Mike Park - Roger Staubach Plays The Lead - Plea For Peace Vol. 2

Dan P. - Somewhere In The Between - You By Me: Vol. 1 
Streetlight Manifesto - One Foot On The Grass, Once Foot In The Grave - Somewhere In The Between

Atom and His Package - I'm Downright Amazed At What I Can Destroy With Just A Hammer - Attention! Blah Blah Blah
Public Service Broadcasting - ROYGBIV - Inform-Educate-Entertain*

Thee Oh Sees - Toe Cutter - Thumb Buster - Floating Coffin

La Luz - Sure As Spring - It's Alive*
Diarrhea Planet - Hammer Of The Gods - I'm Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams*
Kitten Forever - Dirt Nap - Pressure*

The Dirtbombs - Wreck My Flow - We Have You Surrounded
Dog Party - Lost Control - Lost Control

Ramshackle Glory - Any place (growing up) - "Shelter"
Potty Mouth - Bullseye - Hell Bent*
Fuzz - Loose Sutures - Fuzz*