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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Burger X Observatory - Night 3 - 9 March 2016

I donated a pint of blood today...
It's been a long time since I donated a whole pint of blood. I do platelets fairly often. Donating platelets doesn't really affect how you feel the way donating blood does. The volume of blood is not really reduced when you donate platelets. What does this have to do with the third night of Burger X Observatory? Nothing, really, for most people... but it had some effect on my night so I thought I'd mention it. Plus, we're going chronologically and that part happened first. Let's move on.

I rush to the venue after class. It was a long one again, but that's as it may be. Bands weren't starting as early as on Monday, so maybe I'll make it before the show starts.
I get there but there's no free parking. Oh well. Circumstances.
Get to the doors and they're letting people in already. Corpulent Cannibal Corpse fans aboud. Metal shirt graphs are awesome.
I get inside and it looks like no one has gone on yet. Look around, say hi to Pookie who's staffing the merch area. New zines! I'll have to pick those up later.

The Molochs - The show starts off with a Farfisa-laden twang. The Molochs bring some alt. country/cowpunk sounds to a sparse crowd. I'm excited. These guys sound good. It must be hard to play for a mostly empty room with a few wallflowers hanging around the back. They killed it anyway. The Molochs can be heard here.
Dabble - Well this is a weird transition. Dabble brought some minimal sounding riffs but with enough members made full-sounding dreamy pop jams. I was reminded of Jefferson Starship... Lots of 'em took turns singing which was cool. More people are trickling in at this point. Some of the Cannibal Corpse Fans seem to be peeking in to see what's going on in the little room. You can hear Dabble here.

The Side Eyes - Damn, these peeps can rage. The Side Eyes rock hard. The crowd is definitely ready to move after the slower set from Dabble and all the energy is mirrored by the band. The bassist was all over the place, jumping into the crowd, leaping to the bar and both he and the guitarist thrashed around as they played a la Dillenger Escape Plan. Hear them here.

Pookie & The Poodlez - ex Bay Area rock star Pookie came out from his new home in Chicago to rock a few Orange County fans and make some new ones. Pop punk jams about things we like and things we hate. The crowd is bouncing and dancing and having a great time. Pookie has an old Bell phone handset made into a microphone that he used for a lo-fi effect on the song Boy. They were probably the highlight for me. I saw Pookie for the first time at a Burgerama a few years ago and got his zine and record. His simple pop punk tunes and DIY-to-the-max style always make me happy. You can hear 'em here. Top photo: Durwood Bottom Photo: John V. Journey

Cumstain - Pookie & The Poodlez shedded clothes and switched places to become Cumstain. With Sean taking the lead decked out in his leopard print bikinis. He belted out tunes about Dahmer and being too horny to function before melting faces with a 30 minute shred jam that took our minds to alternate realities otherwise inconceivable. He managed to break his guitar but picked up Pookie's and kept the show going. Always the showman, he posed for photos for fans after the set. You can hear them here.
Top photo: Durwood Bottom two photos: John V. Journey

So now you're like, "Dur', what about Rikk Agnew, No Parents and Angry Samoans?" and I'm like "Sorry friends, all that blood loss is messing with my stamina." After dancin' it up with Pookie and Cumstain my heart was pounding out of my chest and my brain was hurtin'. I tried to relax and regroup so I could stay through the rest of the night but that didn't seem to be happening so I made an executive decision to go rest up instead of pushing through and risking passing out or something worse. Take care of yourselves so you can feel cool forever. I picked up some music and Pookie's zines and headed out... See you next time!

Burger X Observatory - Night 2 - 8 March 2016

It's night two! I get to the Observatory early, missing friends who'll be joining for the later shows. Queue up because doors are opening later tonight than they were yesterday. Get inside and check out merch and the layout of the big room. No one is in the little room tonight. Little bit of antsy idle chatter with people...

Go!Zilla - Rockin' hard on weirdo guitars? Check. Italian? Check. Acidic jams? Check. I hadn't heard Go!Zilla before tonight but they really fit with the vibe of a Burger show. The crowd was still sparse, but everyone who was there seemed to be digging the band. Turns out they're from Italy, which made it even more cool. I love it when folks schelp all the way over here just to rock our little worlds. I managed to get a record, so look out for them on BBBB in the near future. If you can't wait, here's their Bandcamp.

LA Witch - I'd seen LA Witch once before and they're only getting better. Guitarist/singer Sade Sanchez show some serious mettle when in the middle of a song her guitar cut out and she, mid-song, ripped her lead out of the pedal board and plugged straight into her amp and kept rockin'. LA Witch bring a heavy, dark, and at times swampy vibe. Like if CCR were fewer people and had been through some serious shit. They are also Bandcampable.

Jessie Jones - Awesome Surprise of the Night! I didn't know anything about Jesse Jones goign into this. They projected anime on a big screen and had a little tube TV playing some strange amimations and movie clips throughout the performance. They were a four piece with two on keys/synths/mixers/pedals, a singer who also did some keys, and a drummer holding it all together. Songs were dreamy, jazzy... really unexpected. They seemed to be having some technical difficulties at points, but their energy was such that the crowd never lost interest. Here's a music video they made. Here's their Bandcamp.

Levitation Room - Singer Julian Porte let us know he was feeling crudballs from some nasty flu stuffs as Levitation Room took the stage. The band and crowd synergized in a big way and Porte's affect lifted visibly through the first three songs. By the fourth song you wouldn't know anything was wrong. The band brought heady psych-rock to a hungry audience.  Bandcampage for your listening pleasure.

It was about here that I found out that Thee Commons would not be playing tonight. I was pretty bummed. They're awesome. Luckily it was Veteran KUCI DJ Rue from Positive Vibrations who broke the news as we tried to figure out the schedule. She was there to see Andre Nickatina.

Dead Meadow - In the early-mid-nineties bands like Sleep, Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains donated biological materials which were then used to feed a young mycelium which lay dormant through dry seasons waiting for moist, fertile musical climate to bear its fruit. A heavy rain fell over a period of days and Dead Meadow sprung from the ground bringing us heavy, droning riffs from places beyond human influence. A giant, cycloptic, swamp monster joined us and rocked with the band. They can be heard here:

Andre Nickatina - I'm a big fan of the random hip hop acts that make it on to Burger bills. I first heard Dre back when I was delivering pizzas. Most of my coworkers were hyped on his music and my friend Phillip played me some of his tunes when he gave me a ride home from work. It didn't really resonate with me at the time, but I guess a little seed was planted. Mr. Nickatina got the crowd hyphy on shared love of yayo, weed, Mac Dre (RIP), thick-bootied wimmin, and fiduciary stability.

The Garden - Highlight of the night for me. I've seen The Garden about a half dozen times over the past few years and have been excited to see them get bigger and bigger. Their synthesis of art-punk and electronic music is undeniably powerful. They had me hooked from the beginning and played a solid mix of classics as well as tracks from the new album 'haha'. The highlight of the night was probably the unexpected encore. They show had already run very late, but the crowd whooped and hollered until the band took the stage again and did 'I Am A Woman' and "We Be Grindin'".

During The Garden's set someone picked up a pair of glasses and I held 'em high, but no one claimed 'em then. I slipped 'em in my pocket and forgot about 'em. When we were shuffling out I saw a Garden fan who'd been calling for 'I Am A Woman' and asked if she was happy with the encore. She said she was lookin' for her glasses and wouldn't you know, they were the ones I'd picked up earlier. She was happy they weren't trashed. Good way to end the night.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Burger X Observatory Night 1 - 7 March 2016

Be me.
Be in stats.
Be bumming that lecture is taking the whole time when you've been let go early almost every lecture prior...
Get to Observatory.
It's early.
Free parking. Win!
Get a sparkly wrist band that will live on your arm for the next week. Get a purple one 'cause you're a big boy.

Guess it's not that early, missed The Meow Twins and The Fly Traps. Bummer. Seen them before, but still, bummer. More bummer, really wanted to see Meow Twins...
But hey! Gooch Palms are just beginning!
Rockin' goofballs from AUS. Stand up minimalist drum kit. Crowd is still a bit cold, but Gooch Palms gets a lot of us moving.
Hammered Satin... is it classic rock if it's happening right now? The guitarist maintains shred whilst having his downstairs bidness groped by people at the front of the stage.
Death Valley Girls... awesome! The sounds these punks make is outta sight. Evoking as much Sonic Youth as Blondie... sounds weird to say it like that, but it's true. Woman from Fly Traps fails to stage dive during their set and starts beef with the crowd. Lame. Cooler heads prevail. Death Valley Girls rock out.
So hungry, why didn't I get food??
No food being served tonight. Bummer. Settle for liquid bread. Be burpy.
The Sloths! These guys are older than most of the audience's grandparents. They rock out old school and love every minute. Damn fun, damn good time. Maximum antics. They play a cover of Gloria. Crowd digs it.
Throw away can in proper receptacle.
Vie for better place in the crowd while everyone transitions to smoke or buy more alcohol.
Guantanamo Baywatch! Singer says he won't sing 'cause his voice is gone. No one minds. Surf doesn't need words. He sings anyway. What a trooper! Crowd goes nuts when the music starts. Swirling and bouncing. Hats, shoes, phones and other personal effects are lost to the dance floor.
Relax a bit.
Shannon & The Clams are up next but they're taking their time to set up. No biggie. Crowd shuffles around a bit.
They start. We've been waiting for this all night. The lights are low and blue. We're a bunch of weirdo-dweebs swingin' hips, swirling and grooving to weirdo-dweeb-futurepast-jamz. The band is lookin' correct. We go nuts for classics like Hey Willy. There are no encores but it's already past midnight on a Monday... understandable... but we'd have listened to Shannon & The Clams until the sun came up. Too much fun.
People start to bail. Help a guy with fluffy hair look for his phone. Find a wallet. Look for the owner. She spots me. Confirm name. Her name is unique, no way a scammer would guess that. She is super grateful. She checks the wallet and her stuff is still there. Be surprised. She's even more grateful.
Try to get records but don't have any cash. Failure.
Still, good night.
Ready for night two.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Playlist 6 March 2016

 Artist - Track - Album*
*indicates a new album

Old Crow Medicine Show - Mean Enough World - Remedy
Carolina Chocolate Drops - Cornbread and Butterbeans - Genuine Negro Jig
Carolina Chocolate Drops/Luminescent Orchestrii - Knockin' - S/T
Carolina Chocolate Drops - Country Girl - Leaving Eden

Red Molly - 1952 Vincent Black Lightning - The Red Album
Two Man Gentleman Band - Pork Chops - Two At A Time (By Request for Angela in Capitola)
Pokey LaFarge - Something In The Water - Something In The Water

Dan Potthast - Geelong - Around The World
The Abigails - Always - Tundra
Andrew Jackson Jihad - Lookin' For A Love - Rompilation
The Growlers - Going Gets Tuff - Chinese Fountain
King Khan & The Shrines - Welfare Bread - What Is?!

All The Apparatus - Let's Go Ride Bikes - All The Apparatus
Potty Mouth - Rusted Shut - Hell Bent
The Dirtbombs - Crazy For You - Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-blooey!

La Luz - Morning High - It's Alive
The Rebel Set - Ghost Writer - How To Make A Monster
Man Or Astro-Man? - Put Your Finger In The Socket (Maximum Voltage Version) - Intravenous Television Continuum

Colleen Green - Wild One - I Want To Grow Up
Beach Fossils - Shallow - Clash The Truth
The Black Lips - Bicentennial Man - Arabia Mountain

The Coathangers - Springfield Cannonball - Suck My Shirt
Queen Kwong - Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing - Bad Lieutenant
Diarrhea Planet - Hammer Of The Gods - I'm Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Ty Segall - Mandy Cream - Emotional Mugger*
Useless Eaters - Hidden Fees - Bleeding Moon
Screaming Females - It All Means Nothing - Ugly
The Flatliners - Tail Feathers - Dead Language

Lightning Bolt - Colossus - Earthly Delights

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Playlist 28 February 2016

The Haints - Devil Town - Hurt & Alone
The Devil Makes Three - Dynamite - S/T
The Two Man Gentleman Band - Pork Chops - Two At A Time

Corb Lund - Cows Around - Cabin Fever
Whiskey & Co. - Clocks and Spoons - Leaving The Nightlife
First Aid Kit - In The Hearts Of Men - The Lions Roar

La Luz - Call Me In The Day - Damp Face
Summer Twins - Apple Orchards - Summer Twins
Dum Dum Girls - There Is A Light That Never Goes Out - He Gets Me High
Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas - Caught Up - Demons EP

Yuck - The Wall - Yuck
Yuck - Middle Sea - Glow & Behold
Wild Flag - Glass Tambourine - Wild Flag
The Thermals - The Sword By My Side - Desperate Ground

Tijuana Panthers - Gated Patio - Poster*
The Spook School - I Want To Kiss You - Try To Be Hopeful*
The Coathangers - Stop Stomp Stompin' - Scramble
The Coathangers - Call To Nothing - Larceny & Old Lace
The Coathangers - Zombie - Suck My Shirt

The 5,6,7,8's - Bomb The Twist - Bomb The Twist
The Trashwomen - Nightmare At The Drag - Spend The Night With..
Isaac Rother & The Phantoms - Watch Yourself - The Unspeakable Horror of...
The King Khan & BBQ Show - Alone Again - Bad News Boys

The Traps - Boom Pow Awesome Wow - Boom Pow Awesome Wow
Jack Name - Running After Ganymede - Weird Moons
Ed Schrader's Music Beat - Pink Moons - Party Jail

JEFF The Brotherhood - Gouge Away - Dig The Classics EP
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - I'm In Your Mind - I'm In Your Mind Fuzz

Fuzz - HazeMaze - Fuzz

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Playlist 21 February 2016

Artist - Track - Album*
*indicates a new album

The Whiskey Belles - Pills I Took - Whiskey Woman
Split Lip Rayfield - A Little More Cocaine Please - Should Have Seen It Coming
The Abigails - Medication - Tundra

Two Dollar Pistols - All I Can Think Of Is You - You Ruined Everything
Whiskey Shivers - Friends - Whiskey Shivers
The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit - The Very Best - Old Excuses
The Two Man Gentleman Band - Shut That Gate - Two At A Time
Those Darlins - Snaggle Tooth Mama - Those Darlins

The Black Lips - Bone Marrow - Arabia Mountain
The King Khan & BBQ Show - Never Felt Like This - Bad News Boys
The Coathangers - Trailer Park Boneyard - Larceny & Old Lace
Restavrant - Wild Witch - Yeah, I Carve Cheetahs

Screaming Females - Rose Mountain - Rose Mountain (For Mat & Dave in Tustin)
Savages - The Answer - Adore Life* (For Amy in LA)
Thee Oh Sees - Man In A Suitcase - Fortress [Single]*
Nots - Televangelist - We Are Nots

Tijuana Panthers - Miss You Hardly Know Me - Poster
The Garden - Vexation - haha*
Ty Segall - Squealer Two - Emotional Mugger*
Dan Menchior Und Das Menace - A Wizard Doesn't Need A Computer - Hunger

JEFF The Brotherhood - In My Dreams - Wasted On The Dream
Wavves - Tarantula - V*
The Spook School - Everybody Needs To Be In Love - Try To Be Hopeful*
Joanna Gruesome - Crayon - Peanut Butter

The Lovely Bad Things - Hear Or Anywhere - The Late Great Whatever
Spider Bags - Summer Of '79 - Frozen Letter
The Phenomenauts - Galactic Pioneers - Rockets and Robots
Palma Violets - Girl, You Couldn't Do Much Better On The Beach - Danger In The Club

Dogbreth - Just A Kid - Chookie
The Stitch Up - Never More Than Twice - Set Your Alarm
Jeff Rosenstock - Hey Allison! - We Cool?

Streetlight Manifesto - One Foot On The Gas, One Foot In The Grave - Somewhere In The Between

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Playlist 14 February 2016

Artist - Track - Album*
*indicates a new record

Thee Oh Sees - Fortress - Fortress [Single]*
The Garden - Crystal Clear - haha*

Dum Dum Girls - Lost Boys and Girls Club - Too True
Savages - Sad Person - Adore Life*
Those Darlins - In The Wilderness - Blur The Line

The Haints - I'd Rather Be Alone - Hurt & Alone
Dale Watson - Gimmie More Kisses - El Rancho Azul
First Aid Kit - Our Own Pretty Ways - Drunken Trees

Jonathan Richman - I Was The One She Came For - O Moon, Queen Of Night On Earth
Dogbreth - Love Staff - Chookie
The Growlers - Someday - Hung At Heart
King Khan & The Shrines - Welfare Bread - What Is?!

La Luz - Call Me In The Day - Damp Face [EP]
Summer Twins - I Don't Care - Summer Twins
TacocaT - You Never Came Back - NVM
Thao & The Get Down Stay Down - With A Girl Like You - The Feeling Kind [EP]
The Bouncing Souls - Streetlight Seranade (To No One) - How I Spent My Summer Vacation

The Lovely Bad Things - Hear Or Anywhere - The Late Great Whatever
Sally Timms - Longing Madness And Lust - To The Land Of Milk And Honey
The Stitch Up - I Went In - Set Your Alarm

Tiger Army - Cupid's Victim - II: Power Of Moonlight
Horrorpops - Emotional Abuse - Hell Yeah!
Irish Brothers - I Will Never Marry - Freedom Is A Lonely Thing

JEFF The Brotherhood - Cujo - Dig The Classics [EP] (By request for John in San Francisco)
The Dirtbombs - I'm Qualified To Satisfy You - Ultraglide In Black
Diarrhea Planet - White Girls - I'm Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams
The Spook School - Burn Masculinity - Try To Be Hopeful*
Colleen Green - Grind My Teeth - I Want To Grow Up

Mad Tea Party - Brand New Key - Big Top, Soda Pop
Streetlight Manifesto - Somewhere In The Between - Somewhere In The Between

Ty Segall - Emotional Mugger/Leopard Priestess - Emotional Mugger*